About Founder and Owner:

Bryan Williams

Bryan Williams embarked on his healthcare journey at the age of 19, delving into the intricacies of a hospital-based physician practice while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business. Immersed in diverse roles within the practice, Bryan gained firsthand insight into the nuanced challenges inherent in healthcare operations. His keen eye for detail fueled a passion for uncovering operational inefficiencies and employing innovative strategies to address them effectively.

After honing his skills within two prominent healthcare systems, Bryan forged a new path. In 2003, driven by a vision to democratize expertise and technological solutions available to larger healthcare entities, he founded Moxie Healthcare Solutions. Bryan’s entrepreneurial fervor, coupled with a natural knack for driving efficiency, positioned him as a trusted advisor to healthcare professionals seeking to establish new practices or optimize existing ones.

An unwavering advocate for advancing private practice, Bryan is renowned for his ability to inspire and guide healthcare professionals toward achieving their aspirations. His leadership at Moxie Healthcare Solutions reflects an unwavering dedication to innovation, efficiency, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence within the healthcare landscape.

Beyond the confines of the boardroom, Bryan revels in exploring new horizons, finding immense joy in travel, particularly through the vibrant tapestry of London. His global perspective and adventurous spirit enrich his holistic approach to both business and life.



Established in 2003 by visionary Bryan, Moxie was conceived from a fervent passion for revolutionizing physician billing services. Celebrating two decades of unwavering dedication, Moxie has evolved into an industry trailblazer, pioneering a fusion of personalized service and cutting-edge technology.

From its beginnings, Moxie’s trajectory has been marked by a commitment to adaptability and foresight. We pride ourselves on not just keeping pace with industry changes but leading the charge in embracing them. Our ethos revolves around harnessing the latest advancements, leveraging them to craft bespoke strategies tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

At Moxie, our strength lies in our ability to personalize solutions. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all approaches; instead, we meticulously curate processes that align precisely with the distinct needs of our clients. It’s this dedication to customization that sets us apart in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

In 2024, Moxie underwent a pivotal transformation, uniting forces with Omega Physicians Billing Services (Omega PBS), spearheaded by Deana Perry, M.Ed., CPC. With a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Marketing from Texas Tech University and a Master’s in Education from Wayland Baptist University, Deana brings over two decades of expertise in the intricacies of medical coding and billing.

At Omega PBS, the ethos revolves around personalized care, mirroring the commitment to patient-centric service that defines the medical profession. Deana champions the belief that a patient’s journey extends beyond clinical care, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the same level of compassion and attention during the billing and collection process. Omega PBS has, since 2007, been a trusted partner for physicians nationwide, offering meticulous medical coding, billing, and auditing services across various specialties. Their integrated and customized approach not only saves valuable time and resources but also upholds the highest standards of accuracy and effectiveness.

The union of Moxie with Omega PBS in 2024 marks a significant milestone, blending Moxie’s history of innovation and personalized strategies with Omega PBS’s unwavering commitment to precision and tailored solutions. This merger empowers us to further enhance our services, offering a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, including medical practice consulting to streamline processes and procedures unique to each practice’s needs.

At Moxie, we continue to build on this legacy, assigning dedicated team leaders to each practice, ensuring a direct line of communication with qualified professionals who stay abreast of the dynamic landscape of medical billing. Our goal remains steadfast: to liberate you from the intricacies of billing and coding, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters—providing exceptional patient care.
Our founder, Bryan, epitomizes the spirit of Moxie. His visionary leadership has been the cornerstone of our success, steering us through exponential growth while fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.

At Moxie, we believe in more than just providing billing services; we forge partnerships, navigating the complexities of healthcare revenue management alongside our clients. Together, we embrace change, stay ahead of trends, and craft strategies that reflect our clients’ diverse needs.

About Owner:

Deana Perry

Deana Perry, M.Ed., CPC, stands as the driving force behind the newly merged Omega PBS and Moxie, boasting a profound blend of business acumen and educational insight. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Texas Tech University and a Master’s in Education from Wayland Baptist University, Deana’s expertise spans over two decades, fortified by her certification as a Professional Coder with the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC). As the Co-Founder and CEO, she champions the convergence of meticulous precision and compliance within the intricate realms of medical billing. Deana’s philosophy revolves around humanizing the landscape of medical practice management, championing a holistic approach where patient care seamlessly intertwines with billing and collections. Beyond her professional persona, she’s a devoted wife, mother, passionate reader, dedicated researcher, and an advocate for marginalized communities. Engaging actively in volunteer work at Lubbock Impact and South Plains Food Bank (SPFB), she amplifies her commitment to community welfare alongside her family.

Under Deana’s unwavering leadership since its inception in 2007, Omega PBS has solidified its standing as an industry leader, a testament to her pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication. Having steered Omega PBS to its heights of success, Deana now takes the helm as the owner of Moxie, heralding a new era of integrated excellence in medical practice management. Specializing in pain medicine practices and offering tailored consulting across diverse medical specialties, Deana’s stewardship embodies a commitment to innovation and personalized service. She ensures that every practice receives bespoke attention, fostering an environment where healthcare providers can devote themselves entirely to patient care while staying ahead with the latest industry updates and technological advancements. Deana’s relentless dedication to excellence continues to redefine the paradigm of healthcare practice management.

Join us at Moxie, where history meets innovation, and personalized precision drives excellence in physician billing services. Explore how the expertise of Moxie can elevate your practice today.